Perfect Serving Bowls: Small 9.5″ wide $84 Medium 13″ wide $124 Large 16″ wide $164
A 5 part undulating centerpiece. To 13″ wide. $460
6 thrown and altered bowl forms which when placed together create a closely echoing undulating pattern. To 12″ wide. $525
A centerpiece composed of 5 deep dish charger plates each cut to resemble a phase of the moon and displayed off center. Fantastic for serving appetizers or a buffet. To 13” wide. $420
A 10-piece set of hand-thrown bowls with platter nestled tightly together and descending through a range of sizes and colors. Complete functional art in Blue Fade. The Cabbage Rose is approximately 18″ wide.$864  
California ceramic artist Marge Margulies has been working as a studio potter for more than 30 years. Over this time, the styles she has created have evolved while maintaining a fluid relationship to influences that were formed early. A deep appreciation for the colors and classic forms of the mid-century aesthetic has led to inventive updates and stylish re-interpretations that form a very recognizable personal imprint. Expressive and sculptural vessels, functional and decorative centerpieces, and a glorious celebration of the dinner table , best describes this colorful, ever evolving, and joyous body of ceramic work. Each piece is thrown on the wheel, then a series of hand processes are used to alter the shapes. Colored glazes are applied in various ways, to achieve lively, unusual and satisfying color groupings, and deliciously soft surfaces. The intention is to make pieces that are evenly thrown, and feel lightweight and balanced. Until moving…Continue Reading
707-604-7392 PST Marge is always available to answer questions