An eight part functional ceramic interpretation of the blue world of garden blooms!
This 12-part set is an interpretation of the gorgeous geometry of an artichoke, realized in a functional ceramic sculpture.
These spicy chargers are an approximately 13” wide deep dish with lively sculpted edges.
An eight part centerpiece encompassing multi layer repeating carved and color patterns, evoking this complicated flower.
A striking six-part thrown functional centerpiece, evoking the angular economy of these majestic flowers.
Thrown , multi-part ,footed bowl with sculptured edges reflecting the spectacular influence of gorgeous succulent plants. Approximately 13”  –  $180
Sawtooth – is a five part functional centerpiece whose sculptured edges bring to mind an old fashioned saw blade. $525
Dinner Plate 11.5-12” $48Pasta Plate 10-11″ $48Lunch Plate 10-10.5” $44Salad/Dessert Plate 8-9” $38Bread Plate 6-7” $32 Fill out your tabletop with Server Sets, Delectabowls, and Harmonium Mugs.