Inspiration and Wonder from a Beautiful Accident

This new body of work, called “Manta Rays” is born of a convergence of ideas and process, and being awake enough to notice that a ‘mistake’ was amazing. Delicate, organic and ephemeral, while also being strong fired porcelain, they express the kind of fluid movement I always look for in my work. I can almost imagine encountering them floating in the sea, adrift on the waves.

I have been wanting to make large, sculptural platters that are not wheel thrown, so I hand rolled these porcelain platters out with a rolling pin to an uneven thinness. At that stage they are completely and totally and seriously FLAT and cannot be handled until fired in the molds I made for them!

The delicate bases, or ‘crowns’, are rings that are separately thrown and carved into shapes that echo the rims. Both pieces are then glazed and the flat platter is laid carefully onto the ‘crown’ in the kiln. All of that undulation is created by the union of top and bottom in the firing process! And the glaze acts as ‘glue’ creating a secure attachment between the two parts. No two will ever be the same, and it is the fantastic influence of the fire which defines the final character of this new work.

Approximately 12″ $350; approximately 17” $450

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