Marge Margulies Pottery Peony bowls in purple and green
This multi-faceted and evocative 7-part centerpiece reflects the many splendored joys of the classic flower. To approximately 12.5” wide. $575
Thistle is a five-piece, spiky-edged bowl set, to approximately 14” wide.
Inspiration and Wonder from a Beautiful Accident
This 12-part set is an interpretation of the gorgeous geometry of an artichoke, realized in a functional ceramic sculpture.
A striking six-part thrown functional centerpiece, evoking the angular economy of these majestic flowers.
Delectabowls are large and low, light as a feather and fantastic for entertaining. Their sculpted edges will frame that beautiful composed salad.
Server Set Sunset
With sculpted edges and matching dipperette, these lightweight thrown platters are perfect for the holiday turkey or the appetizers before any dinner party. Small, 14”, $160 Large, 18”, $220
A five piece bowl set great for every use. To 12” wide. $330
close up of pointsettia bowl set in red yellow and orange
Poinsettia is inspired by the seasonal plant from which it takes its name. $460
Thrown in 3 sections and assembled, then carved and glazed. Approximately 23” high.$295  
These beautiful memorial urns are designed to live in your environment just as a piece of artwork would.