With sculpted edges and matching dipperette, these lightweight thrown platters are perfect for the holiday turkey or the appetizers before any dinner party. Small, 15”, $148 Large, 18”, $198  
An occasional chance to visit my studio! I’m participating as part of the Sebastopol Center for the Arts county wide tour. Two Weekends: June 3rd and 4th; June 10th and 11th 2017 www.artatthesource.org
A 5 part undulating centerpiece. To 13″ wide. $380.
A five part thrown, altered, and incised composition, consisting of serving platters in descending sizes. To approximately 13” wide. $380
6 thrown and altered bowl forms which when placed together create a closely echoing undulating pattern. To 12″ wide. $380.
A centerpiece composed of 5 deep dish charger plates each cut to resemble a phase of the moon and displayed off center. Fantastic for serving appetizers or a buffet. To 13” wide. $370
An 11 piece set of hand thrown bowls with platter nestled tightly together and descending through a range of sizes and colors. Complete functional art in Blue Fade. The Cabbage Rose is approximately 18″ wide. 11 piece set. $824
A five piece bowl set great for every use. To 12” wide. $276