Inspiration and Wonder from a Beautiful Accident
This multi-faceted and evocative 7-part centerpiece reflects the many splendored joys of the classic flower. To approximately 12.5” wide. $575
Thistle is a five-piece, spiky-edged bowl set, to approximately 14” wide.
An occasional opportunity to visit my studio. June 1-2 and June 8-9, 2019, Guerneville, CA
A striking six-part thrown functional centerpiece, evoking the angular economy of these majestic flowers.
This 12-part set is an interpretation of the gorgeous geometry of an artichoke, realized in a functional ceramic sculpture.
Thrown in 3 sections and assembled, then carved and glazed. Approximately 23” high.$295
These beautiful memorial urns are designed to live in your environment just as a piece of artwork would.
An eight part functional ceramic interpretation of the blue world of garden blooms!
Delectabowls are large and low, light as a feather and fantastic for entertaining. Their sculpted edges will frame that beautiful composed salad.
These spicy chargers are an approximately 13” wide deep dish with lively sculpted edges.