Cactus Bowl - Aqua Orange, Large
Cactus Bowls Small,8”- $85 Large 10”- $ 145
Camellia - California Poppy
Camellia – is created by combining 5 thrown and sculptured bowl forms, and a delightful center ‘egg’ which completes the composition. Highly stylized sculpted edges and a descending color palette create an impression of this flower. $420
Sawtooth - Ireland
Sawtooth – is a five part functional centerpiece whose sculptured edges bring to mind an old fashioned saw blade. $420
Euphoria - Poinsettia
EUPHORIA – is composed of five thrown and altered forms which nestle together as a functional centerpiece, and features sculpted edges inspired by the beautiful geometry of succulent plants. $ 400 Euphoria – Green Fade, Detail  
Lily Pad
A twelve piece composition, closely nestled- it’s all about the edges! $ 650
Pitchers - Blue Fade
Pitcher Small 6” tall $72 Medium 9” tall $122 Large 11” tall $172
Harmonium Vase - Blue Fade
  Harmonium Vases Small to 7” tall $65 Medium to 9” tall $90 Large 11”- $115